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Self Stirring Mug For Those Too Lazy To Even Stir


The automatic electric self stirring mug is the perfect gift for that one person we all know who’s plain lazy!

Come on – we all know someone who’s so lackluster and apathetic in their demeanor that they can’t even muster up enough energy to stir their drink!

Flick the switch, and the mug stirs away to your heart’s content!

All you need to do is insert batteries, and it’s ready to go.

User needs to hold down a button right at the top of the handle, the same place your thumb naturally sits when holding a mug.

The self-stirring coffee mug is not suitable for microwave or dishwasher use.


How Does a Self Stirring Mug Work?

The majority of self stirring mugs are operated with a switch on the handle.

The switch spins up the motor at the base of the mug, which propels the stirring propellers and stirs your drink!

The propeller at the base of the mug creates a whirlpool effect.

The whirlpool forces liquid downwards into the mug, ensuring that you won’t spill your drink.


Automatic Electric Self Stirring Mug

Automatic Electric Self Stirring Mug


The swirling ensures that whatever you mix into the mug will be distributed evenly.

This isn’t always the case with a spoon – however, the self stirring mug ensures evenly mixed ingredients.

A self stirring cup is also handy for churning items like marshmallows or sugar cubes until they’ve dissolved into your drink.

The motor in the mug is even powerful enough to beat eggs – although you may have a bit of a mess on your hands if you try it!

Is the self-stirring mug worth it?

Preparing your morning cup of coffee just got easier. There's a self-stirring mug that lets you add cream, sugar and then press the stir button!

BEST 8: Self Stirring Mugs

A self stirring mug will require batteries to operate. If you’re considering buying a self stirring mug, check what type of batteries that model will need.

You will also want to determine whether a self stirring mug comes with its own set of batteries.

Certain models may even come with rechargeable batteries, saving money over time.

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Best Self Stirring Mug Review Conclusion

Most people buy self stirring mugs with one use in mind. The reality is, however, that a self stirring mug can be used for many different things you might not expect.

You can blend your coffee and cream with a self stirring mug, keeping your coffee fresh and stirred on your morning commute.

Automatic self-stirring mugs are ideal for mixing protein shakes before workouts.

Unlike using a spoon, a self stirring mug will blend the contents, so flavor remains rich without excess ingredients sinking to the bottom.

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If you enjoy soup, the self-stirring mug can be used to blend in crackers, as well as salt and seasonings.

On top of that, a self stirring mug with a thermal lining will keep your soup lovely and warm.

What’s more, you can safely hold or handle a thermal mug even when your soup is piping hot.

After dinner, you can use your self stirring mug to mix cocktails. And if you like this, then definitely also check portable self-heating mug, lego mug, and portable cofee maker.

9.8 Total Score

Most people buy self stirring mugs with one use in mind. The reality is however, that a self stirring mug can be used for many different things you might not expect.

Easy to use
Size and weight
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Some models have rechargable batteries
  • Hands free
  • Various purposes
  • Portable
  • Needs batteries
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